Art Above The CouchNEDERLANDS
Your favorite photo turned into art!
How it works
The way it works is simple:

1. You send me a digital photo that you like and would like to have printed without any obligations.
• If you already have a spot in mind where you would like to hang it, you can send me a picture of that as well.
• The photo can not be too small, or the quality of the enlargement will suffer. Most digital photos from a digital camera should be okay however. You can send me a photo made by someone else too, if you own the copyright.
• Also indicate how large you would like to have it printed and if you would like to have it framed or not.

2. On my turn I will do my thing; enhance it where needed, give it an artistic look and enlarge it to the desired size.
The price will depend on the time spent and the chosen material to print it on.

3. After that I will send you an example of the work and a quote of the cost for you to approve or disapprove.

4. Finally I will have it printed and have it send it to your address or one you alternatively indicate.
For now artworks can only be send to an address in Holland. But I can also send you the file, so you can have it printed yourself.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me:
per email or via the contactform.